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The best app I use for live scores

love it but....

where is copa America?

Too many Ads, Pop-ups

This app is has been ruined with pop-ups and games ads, to the point where you cannot close them and are forced to restart the app. I would avoid downloading the app - there are plenty of other soccer apps out there that are not money hungry and app orientated!

A few improvements and it would be great

I love this app because I can get stats rather easily but major deficit is that I cannot choose my favorite players, I have to search for every time. If I could set up a list of my 10 favorite players say, then this would be a truly great app for more than just results, tables, and news.

Ads are getting annoying

This a great app, but lately the ads are getting annoying, every time you try to skip them, the apps freezes like seriously. Come on you better fix that problem

Too many ads

Previously I gave this app a 5-star rating. But the pop-up ads have become an annoyance in the past few months. They crash or get stuck, and can only be fixed by exiting and restarting. I understand the need for ad revenue, but if the ads make the app unusable, thats a significant problem. I amend my review to 2 stars, and my search for a decent football stats app continues.

5 Stars Down to 3

This app is the main app I use to follow English Premier League. Lots of functionality offered and good user interface. My only minor complaint had been the app doesnt rotate 90 degrees on my iPhone and iPad devices. Now, Im downgrading from 5 stars to 3 because the ads are annoying, often locking up and requiring the app to be shut down and restarted. I understand the need for ads but the bugs need fixed. While other apps improve and fix bugs, this one remains stagnant.


Pro subscriber. The update was supposed to fix bugs and crashes. Well, it was running fine before I updated it. Now, when I click on a match, I get kicked out. Please fix

Do all English Leagues

This is literally the best app ever. So many leagues, but I am a Millwall fan, so could you please do all four English divisions. Thank you for making the best app in the world and hopefully you listen to my feedback.Also, why did you remove the FA Cup?


Trop fort


Immer aktuelle Information einfach Super genial

Advertising in the paid version!

Its utterly silly to put advertising pop-ups in the paid version of app!!!


Works great. Nice to have all leagues Im interested all together!

Add new leagues

TLS is great but it would be better if it the Brazilian league and lower level leagues of top leagues

Great sports app

I try to use one app (unnamed) to keep all my sports in order, but TLS is so superior for soccer stuff that its my go to for all soccer world news scores stats etc. Great job, this is the best footy app out there

Tls football

Ive had this app for a few months and it is great. Its my go to app for everything soccer. Love it!!

So good app

Its really a good app you guys should download it


Simply the best

Fish & Chips

I havent tried all the Footy stat apps.. but this is the best one I seen so far. (and i wont be looking for others) It does everything i want.. - the UI is pretty clean. - you can add favourite teams/leagues/cups to a menu and get to them quickly. - women love footy trivia.. this app could help you get a date. -plus it uses OPTA stats.

Best app for soccer

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